Allison Estes


Izzy & Oscar
Ever tried to teach an octopus to roll over? It's harder than it looks!

Paw & Order: Dramatic Investigations by an Animal Cop on the Beat
Paw & Order is edgy, gripping....You'll feel as if you have on a uniform and badge, on the front lines of animal rescue."
--Dr. Marty Becker, resident veterinarian on ABC TV's Good Morning America

The Short Stirrup Club series, ten titles
Megan and Max and their best friends Chloe and Keith gallop through one spooky, serious, mysterious or funny adventure after another on Thistle Ridge Farm.

From the Thoroughbred series, four titles
Join Ashleigh's daughter Christina, her cousin Melanie and their friends, the new generation of Thoroughbred riders and horses at Whitebrook Farm.

Selected Works

Funny, sweet story of what happens when a little girl adopts a stray octopus and tries to turn him into a traditional pet.
Adult Nonfiction
Poignant, funny and fascinating true stories of animal rescue--an urban James Herriot.
Middle Grade Fiction
Action/adventure for boys and girls centered around horses.
Other books by Allison Estes
Y/A Action/adventure set in the exciting world of Thoroughbred racing.

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