Allison Estes

The Short Stirrup Club series, ten titles

#1 Blue Ribbon Friends
#2 The Ghost of Thistle Ridge
#3 The Great Gymkhana Gamble
#4 Winner's Circle
#5 Gold Medal Mystery
#6 Friends to the Finish
#7 Legend of the Zuni Stallion
#8 Victory Ride
#9 Playing for Keeps
#10 Pony Express

Selected Works

Funny, sweet story of what happens when a little girl adopts a stray octopus and tries to turn him into a traditional pet.
Adult Nonfiction
Poignant, funny and fascinating true stories of animal rescue--an urban James Herriot.
Middle Grade Fiction
Action/adventure for boys and girls centered around horses.
Other books by Allison Estes
Y/A Action/adventure set in the exciting world of Thoroughbred racing.

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