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Paw & Order: Dramatic Investigations by an Animal Cop on the Beat

Paw & Order grabs readers by the seat of their pants and throws them in the squad car for a ride-along on patrol for animal justice. Author Allison Estes vividly re-creates an ASPCA agent's investigations, evoking sympathy, tears, shock, and laughter along the way. The stories, some featured on the Animal Planet's TV show Animal Precinct, include:

--Franklin--A lamb escaped from a slaughterhouse makes a getaway on the FDR Drive.

--Collectors--The bug-crawling horror of a cat-hoarder's apartment.

--The Wonder Wheel Dogs--A pair of German Shepherd Dogs ride the Ferris Wheel at Coney Island.

--Million-Dollar Birdy--A daring raid on a cockfighting ring.

--Hammer Cat--A man, a cat, and a roomful of blood--but whose?

--September 11: the Animals--How the ASPCA rescued the pets who were left behind.

"...It's almost the end of my shift and I'm hurrying to check out another report of an abandoned dog. I know the area--a bad section of Queens. You wouldn't go there alone, not even in broad daylight, especially not if you're a woman. It'll probably be dark before I get there.
I find the dog, and her two pups, left by their owner on a small uncovered balcony littered with droppings. There's no evidence of food or water. She's thin and weak, probably dehydrated, and her pups are looking undernourished. Slowly I kneel and offer her the back of my hand to sniff.
'Hey, little girl,' I say quietly. 'How about you come with me and I'll give you a big bowl of puppy chow?' I rub her behind the ears and she tolerates it, but looks up at me warily. In her eyes there is hunger and thirst, and pain and distrust, and in spite of all that, a tiny flicker of hope.
In that dog's eyes is the reason I did that job.
I was a special agent for the ASPCA....